Shenbaga Kottai (2017) tamil full movie online

Release Date - 28 Jan 2017

Genre: Horror

Director : Kannan Thamarakulam

Music Director : Ratheesh Vegha

Cast : Jayaram, Ramya Krishnan

Shenbaga Kottai is a Tamil horror film which is directed by Kannan Thamarakkulam, starring Jayaram in the lead role. The story and screenplay is written by Dinesh Palleth.

The horror thriller film was dubbed from Malayalam movie 'Aadupuliyatam' and in Telugu it is titled as Mathangi.

The story of Shenbaga Kottai is based on an age-old myth which is shown in the beginning of the film. The film then travels through the life of Satyajith(Jayaram), who is a rich businessman. He goes through some hallucinations and encounters some mysterious experiences which takes him to a Saint(Om Puri). What happens rest forms Shenbaga Kottai.

Jayaram gets an image makeover sporting thick beard and moustache. He looks confident throughout the film and has delivered a sincere performance. Ramya Krishnan excels in her role, probably we can't imagine anyone else in that role.